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Timothy Grayson

Ottawa, Canada
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TimothyGrayson Grayson

Timothy Grayson is a (digital) transformation consultant and writer who lives near Ottawa, Canada. He has been innovating and transforming for 25-years in software, financial services, online travel, government services, and the postal system. He has digitally reinvented front and back-end operations covering small business and large commercial enterprises, the public sector, not-for-profit, and academia. Timothy's particular expertise includes Digital reinvention; Transformative change management; Strategy and innovation; and Cloud, digital identity and cybersecurity.

Timothy is the driving force behind Institute X, an advisory serving private sector and government clients. These organizations recognize the complexity of the real digital transformation that's affecting them and seek assistance. From Ottawa, Institute X serves clients around the world.  Contact Timothy at .

Profile created 8 September 2021

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