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Timothy L. Wilson, PhD

Umeå, Sweden
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TimothyWilson, PhD Wilson, PhD

Visiting Professor
Umeå School of Business and Economics

Prof Timothy L. Wilson
has a PhD in Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University, 1965), a PhD in Marketing (Case-Western University, 1983) and an Honorary Doctorate in Social Sciences from Umeå University (2013).  His experience in projects and project management comes from 15 years in fundamental materials research and high technology product development as a graduate engineer.  His academic interest in projects dates from the initial IRNOP conference in Lycksele, Sweden.  Tim’s research interests are in applied business topics, primarily Swedish and most recently Municipal Public Housing in Sweden.

Wilson is co-author of 21 journal articles on projects with members of Umeå’s Project Group; the most recent will appear in Business Horizons with Mattias Jacobsson “Revisiting the construction of the Empire State Building: Have we forgotten something?”  He is co-editor of the monograph The Video Game Industry: Formation, Present State, and Future.  Projects in that industry are really interesting and the people even more so.  He may be contacted at

Created June 2017

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