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Tiphaine Helene Couanau

Paris, France
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TiphaineCouanau Couanau

Tiphaine Couanau
is a student in MSc Programme and Project Management and Business Development. Born in Georgia, U.S.A, she grew up in Strasbourg, France, where she attended the International High School and later entered Preparatory Class. She joined the management program in SKEMA Business School (Lille) in 2016, and studied abroad for a year, notably in the United States (Raleigh) in Fall 2017 and Russia (St Petersburg) in Spring 2018. After two years studying management, she decided to take the path of Project Management & Business Development. She acquired various experience in Project Management and Business Development through several internships as business developer or sales assistant; she moved to Amsterdam in January 2019 for an internship as business developer. She was recently certified PRINCE2 Foundation and AGILEPM Foundation and will be graduating in May 2020.

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