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Tiziana Barrow

Washington, DC, USA
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TizianaBarrow Barrow

Tiziana Barrow
is a Change Agent Coach. She has spent the last 20+ years of her career in the High-Tech Industry in positions such as Project manager, Principal Marketing Consultant, and Director of Marketing. As a consultant she has led people through change management and as a result, she is a student of resistance, conflict and ultimately has made a science out of it. She has launched a program for women to step into their power because she has personally struggled with it and was repeatedly frustrated by losing control and giving up her own power. By opening the discussion with re-defining power for women, understanding the embodiment of power, she is creating a community of powerful ladies, that desire to become more effective leaders.

Tiziana Barrow is people focused, world traveled and compassionate.  Born and raised in Italy she has since lived in the UK, the Netherlands and across the USA. She is a “change agent coach” helping executives to step into their power and exercise influence.

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Created 7 February 2018

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