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Tomas Gustavsson

Karlstad, Sweden
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TomasGustavsson Gustavsson

Tomas Gustavsson
is a university lecturer at Karlstad University and a consultant within project management, IT and leadership issues. Starting out as a software programmer in 1996, he was offered a job as an IT project manager after only one year in the industry. Since then, project management has always been in focus in Tomas’ career. In 2002, he heard of something called “agile ways of working” which contained smart tools and efficient methods that he whole-heartedly embraced.

Tomas has written several books in Swedish such as the book "Agile – konsten att slutföra projekt” (Agile - the art of completing projects) which in 2008 won the Project management book of the year award awarded by the Swedish IPMA-branch.

Tomas has published articles describing the use of agile methods in other contexts than IT, such as event projects and hardware product development. He can be contacted at


Agil projektledning Övningsbok (2014), published by Bonnier Utbildning/Sanoma Utbildning
Agil projektledning
(2011), published by Bonnier Utbildning/Sanoma Utbildning
Agile – konsten att slutföra projekt
(2007-06-30), published by TUK Förlag
Ledarskapsdagbok – boken för din utveckling
(2006), published by TUK Förlag

Articles and papers

Gustavsson, T. (2016). Benefits of Agile Project Management in a Non-Software Development Context – a literature review. Presented at the 5th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic Countries in Riga.

Gustavsson, T. & Rönnlund, P. (2013). Agile adoption at Ericsson Hardware Product Development. Presented at the NFF Conference 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Gustavsson, T., Rönnlund, P. (2010). Agile project management in public events.Presented at the IPMA2010 World Congress in Istanbul.

(posted August 2016)

Articles and Papers