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Torbjörn Wenell

Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Flag
TorbjörnWenell Wenell

Projektkultur Torbjörn Wenell AB

Torbjörn Wenell is one of the most experienced consultants in the project area in the Nordic countries in Europe. He has made it his task to develop the project work form in practice since the beginning of the 60’s. He has been dealing with projects in several industries and has been responsible for educating some 150 thousand people in the project field. He started by planning for the development of computers at SAAB in 1961 and planned for the electronic system in the Viggen military aircraft. In 1963 – 1965 he worked as a project planning expert for Ericsson and finalized the first handbook of project planning for that company. In 1965 he started a project consultancy, Wenell Management AB, where he was the chairman of the board until 2000. During several years, he was also connected to the University of Linköping as a PM expert. In 1967 he initialized the association called “Svenskt Projektforum” for people with an interest in the field and in 1994 he contributed to the start of the Swedish Project Academy where he served as secretary for 15 years.

In total, he has authored nine books about projects of which “Wenell on Projects” received a special award. In 1961 he got his engineer title and since then he has gone through other educational programs as well. However, in PM he is a self-taught person. Torbjörn can be contacted at

Created 7 January 2017  

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