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Veikko Välilä

Helsinki, Finland
Finland Flag
VeikkoVälilä Välilä

Past President, Project Management Finland
Past President, Chair, IPMA

Veikko Välilä has more than 35 years’ experience in project risk management, gained in employment with Kone Corporation, Industrial Mutual, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Hansa Industrial Insurance B.V., If P&C Insurance Co. Ltd, Marsh & McLennan Inc., International Project Management Association (IPMA), Aon Finland Ltd, Fennovoima Ltd, Legal Lounge Ltd and Howden Finland Ltd.

Veikko has provided consulting and risk management services for a number of large corporations in the areas of power generation (including thermal and nuclear power), pulp & paper industry, high tech companies and large infrastructure projects (including harbor, metro, airport, rail- and motorway projects).

Veikko has served in a diplomatic position as a Scientific and Industrial Commissioner of Finland. He established a new operation based in Hong Kong and created more than 50 new industrial and scientific co-operation projects between Finnish and Chinese & South-East Asian enterprises and institutions.

Veikko has participated in starting up new and successful businesses, such as Soredex, a high-tech medical X-ray company, and Hansa Industrial Insurance, an insurance underwriting operation in the City of London. During his career he has lived in 5 countries and worked in more than 50 countries.

Veikko Välilä has served the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as the President and Chair of the Executive Board, and thereafter as the Secretary General of the organisation. IPMA is a global federation of over 70 national project management associations (

He is a co-founder of the Climate Leadership Coalition, the largest non-profit climate business network in Europe, created in Finland in 2018.  He can be contacted at

Profile created 7 January 2020

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