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Wantong Zhao

Beijing, China
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WantongZhao Zhao

Wantong ZHAO
is a SKEMA Business School MSc project management and business development student with 5+ years of experience in project management in the construction industry in North Africa. Born in China, she gained a bachelor license in French language and culture in Jilin province. Working more than 5+ years in Algeria in China State Construction Engineering Corporation, which is a top construction leader worldwide, evolves in several projects in the capital Algers. And then working for StarTimes Beijing as a purchasing assistant, before pursuing the master’s degree course in Lille, France. She completed her last assignment under the tutorage of Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo in December of 2018, and is currently furthering her education by way of stages.

Wantong lives in Beijing, China and can be contacted at

Profile created 7 June 2019

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