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William W. Davis

Florida, USA
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WilliamDavis Davis

William W. Davis
works in the IT industry, promoting personal and organizational agility, and sharing innovative tools/techniques with fellow agilists, project managers, developers, functional managers, and organizational leaders.

William has been a PMI member since 2005 when he earned his PMP credential and holds several Scrum credentials from both the Scrum Alliance and He is an honors graduate from Nova Southeastern University (M.S. in Leadership) and an honors graduate from The George Washington University in Washington, DC (M.S. in Project Management).

In 2014, William created Statistical PERT® (SPERT®), a simple-to-use, probabilistic estimation technique that uses built-in functions within Microsoft Excel. Statistical PERT Excel templates are free to download, use, modify, and share! To learn more, visit

Profile created 7 September 2020

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