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Xionghuan Zhan

China / Paris, France
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XionghuanZhan Zhan

Xionghuan Zahn
, Chinese, 25 years old, major in Project and Programme Management & Business Development (PPMBD) at SKEMA Business School in Paris, France. I graduated from XiMen Institute of Technology University in China. I enjoy making friends, and I am good at dealing with people.

In my past student life, I often appeared as an activity organizer. The duties and obligations of the class made me willing to communicate with others and help others in need. Traditional family education has shaped my character of respecting teachers, being kind to others, being grateful and being honest. Accepting education, an overseas graduate student, has brought me a diversified cultural impact. Empathy, patience, tolerance, and normalcy have become the norm.

In 2017 (May-November), I worked as an intern in Zhengda company and experienced the working state for the first time. Although the internship was not long, I got a lot of exercises. Participated in competition on behalf of the company for the first time and won the prize; The first time as the host and colleagues to complete the publicity session; Completed four recruitments independently for the first time; Introduced talents for the company for the first time.

These experiences enriched my social experience, and I am more looking forward to future tasks. Now I live in Paris and can be contacted at and熊桓-詹-484577158

Profile created 7 October 2019

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