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Yang Xu

Paris, France
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YangXu Xu

Yang Xu
is an MSc student in SKEMA Business School, majoring in Project and Programme Management & Business Development (PPMBD). He graduated from la Rochelle business school (sup de co) and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in commercial management. He had worked in urban construction in China and now has his own business in Paris. He lives in Paris, France now and can be contacted at

Yang chose SKEMA Business School because first it started out to be more suitable. The second was because there are more international students and internationalization in the school. The school atmosphere was very good. At the same time, the school rankings were not bad, still in progress.

He has been in France for 5 years. He says “the French people are good and bad. This is certain. French elegance, Paris, the temperament of those ladies, make you think that is the classic interpretation. However, in some small cities, some French people are still quite arrogant. They have some prejudice against China. This was something I did not expect before I came to France. They all say that French people are romantic, but they will always deny that because their romance is not deliberate, but into life, just as visiting the park, they often see Grandma and Grandpa hand in hand, watching in the years of quiet.

Skema helped me a lot, and after two years of classes in Skema I learned a lot about business theory, which made me yearn more for the coming life.”

Created 8 July 2018

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