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Zlatko Barilović

Zaprešić, Croatia
Croatia Flag
ZlatkoBarilović Barilović

Baltazar Adam Krčelić College of Business and Management

Zlatko Barilović was born in 1984 in Zagreb. He holds a graduate specialist degree (MA) in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia. Prior to that he graduated from the Specialist Graduate Professional Study of Project Management at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić, Croatia, which was a continuation of his undergraduate studies in Business and Management (major Cultural Management). Currently he is attending a doctoral study in Management at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia. He is a member of International Project Management Association (IPMA) and a member of the Presidential Board of the Croatian Association for Project Management (CAPM). He is the Deputy Head of Project Management programme at UAS Baltazar Zaprešić and teaches Project Management 1 and 2, and Planning and starting the project – practicum. He has written over 25 scientific and professional papers, and has lead several projects for UAS Baltazar Zaprešić. He is the author of one and editor of four project management books.

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