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Balzhan Khamitova






Balzhan Khamitova

Kazakh-British Technical University
Almaty, Kazakhstan





Balzhan Khamitova is currently studying towards a MSc in Project Management at the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She graduated from KBTU Faculty of Information Technologies, Automation & Control with a Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in 2019. She has been a Senior Media Planner and Media Planner at Stacom Media Group, Publicis Groupe from 2019 until now. She has previous internships at Honeywell LLP, National Agency for Technological Development JSC; and LogyCom JSC.

While an undergraduate, Balzhan took the extra physics course “AIplus” and was a teacher of physics for the Physics Olympiad. She knows several programming languages and many computer applications, including various business and engineering programs such as MS Office, Adobe, AutoCAD, Autodesk, Cisco & HP networking, Power BI, etc. She speaks Kazakh, Russian and English fluently, and Spanish at intermediate level.

Balzhan was a multiple participant and winner of regional and city Olympiads in Physics and Mathematics, and has participated in several conferences and congresses related to innovation and start-ups.  She is responsible, accurate, flexible, a quick learner, with good analytical and problem-solving skills – and happy to work as individual or in a team.

Major Field of Study: project management

Research interests: Innovation in Project Management, Project monitoring and control, Earned value management, Artificial Intelligence application in PM, New emerging technologies in PM

For information about Kazakh-British Technical University, follow the link to https://kbtu.edu.kz/en/

Balzhan can be contacted at khamitova.bm@gmail.com or linkedin.com/in/balzham-khamitova-a382231a1

Start date: February 2022


220215 - Balzhan Khamitova joins PMWL research team in Kazakhstan


Research results:

220831 - Machine Learning and Data Science Project Management from an Agile Perspective

220823 - Project Management during Industry 4.0 Implementation with Risk Factor Analysis

220805 - Blockchain for Project and Construction Management

220727 - Machine learning applied in production planning and control: a state‑of‑the‑art in the era of industry 4.0

220719 - Successful implementation of project risk management in small and medium enterprises: a cross-case analysis

220621 - Artificial Intelligence and the conduct of literature reviews

220613 - A fuzzy approach for the Earned Value Management

220524 - What role does Big Data have in shaping future of Project Management?

220512 - Earned value project management: Improving the predictive power of planned value

220425 - A New Cost Management System for Construction Projects

220406 - Control of construction projects using Earned Value

220329 - Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

220323 - Empirical Evaluation of EVM Forecasting Accuracy

220322 - Kalman filter and its applications

220228 - Forecasting project schedule performance

220222 - Applications of AI in Project Management