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Access the PM World Library (PMWL) website quickly from your mobile device.  Stay abreast of new additions to the PMWL, including "New in the Library" posts, Breaking News and Most Recent Papers, Articles, Book Reviews and Authors. Login quickly to access other works and resources in the library.


No need to search the App Store or pay anything! Here is a fast and simple way to add the PMWL App Icon (shown at left), with a link to the PMWL website, to your mobile device home screen:


For an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod:

1. From your mobile device, access the PMWL website at www.pmworldlibrary.net using any browser - Google, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


2. At the bottom of the device on the browser toolbar, click on the Share icon (shown at right):


3. Scroll right, click on the Add to my Home Screen icon (shown below):


For Android phones:

2. Tap the menu button and tap Add to home screen. You’ll be able to enter a name (PMWL) for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.


The PMWL button should then appear on your device home screen, with an automatic link to the PMWL website.

We hope this proves useful to you.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact info2@pmworldlibrary.net

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut

You can also save a shortcut to your desktop that will open your internet browser directly to the PMWL homepage. Below are instructions for both Windows and Mac machines, however the process may vary depending on the version of your operating system.

Windows (PC) Machines

  • Right click on an empty area of your desktop.
  • Hover over New and select Shortcut.

  • Enter a name (for example: PMWL) for your desktop shortcut and click Finish.
  • A new desktop shortcut will be created. You can now click on this shortcut to be taken directly to the PMWL homepage from your desktop, laptop or other computer.
  • To edit a desktop shortcut, right click on the shortcut from your desktop.
    • Select Properties.
    • On the Web Document tab, you can update the URL.
    • On the General tab, you can update the name of the shortcut.
    • Click Apply at the bottom of the window to apply your changes
    • Click OK when your changes are finalized.

Mac (OSX) Machines

  • Open your web browser and type in https://pmworldlibrary.net/, but don't click Enter on your keyboard.
  • Click and drag the URL to an empty space on your desktop.
  • A new desktop shortcut will be created. You can now click on this shortcut to be taken directly to the PMWL homepage from your Mac.