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A Brief History of Scheduling

Important paper by Pat Weaver in Australia traces the origins and history of project scheduling

11 August 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – The science of ‘scheduling’ as defined by Critical Path Analysis (CPA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2007.  The evolution of CPM scheduling closely tracked the development of computers.  The initial systems were complex mainframe behemoths, typically taking a new scheduler many months to learn to use.  This historical paper by Patrick Weaver of Mosaic Project Services in Melbourne tracks the development of scheduling (with a particular focus on Micro Planner and Primavera) and looks at the way the evolving technology has changed the way projects are scheduled and managed. It was published in the August edition of the PM World Journal. To read this interesting and entertaining paper, go to Pat’s author showcase at and click on the title of the paper.  Must be a registered library member to access.