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BIM Delivery Cube

Interactive brief guidance answering the most common BIM questions added to PMWL

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Resource provided by
Marina Plećaš

22 May 2016 – Zagreb, Croatia – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to BIM and Project Management. The new resource is titled “BIM Delivery Cube.”

Idea with the BIM Delivery Cube, or just “Cube”, is to distil the answers to the most common questions surrounding BIM into simple, clear and brief guidance and to present them in such a way as to provide different stakeholders at different stages in the process the insights they need. The BIM Delivery Cube provides a matrix that links Stakeholders at all project stages with the aspects that need to be considered. The Cube was developed to be an aid to understanding, and a mechanism to share understanding and learning as BIM adoption spreads. It is not intended to offer a single comprehensive reference but rather to be treated as an open and shared resource that helps the benefits of BIM to be more easily understood and realised.

160524 - Plecas - BIM Cube imageThe Cube provides a guideline estimate, based on defined criteria and current experience. As experience grows these figures can be refined or adjusted to reflect industry averages. The Cube’s three axis are Stakeholders, Work Stage and Delivery Component. There are nine different Stakeholders groups, five work stages and five key BIM information aspects.

To access this new resource, go to the Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at, scroll down to find and click on “BIM and Project Management”, scroll down to find Websites and other online resources. Must be a registered member and logged-in to access.