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Competencies of project managers in international NGOs: Perceptions of practitioners

Focus on project manager’s competence dealing with International development projects

15 February 2016 – Islamabad, Pakistan – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to applications and industries, especially Industries serving basic human needs. The new resource is titled “Competencies of project managers in international NGOs: Perceptions of practitioners”. The paper was originally featured in science direct - International Journal of Project Management 33 (2015) 116 – 125. The authors are Sophie Brière, Denis Proulx, Olga Navaro Flores and Mélissa Laporte.

160215 - ud Din - IMAGEIn international development, despite the professionalization of NGOs on numerous projects carried out, very few studies address the competencies of project managers in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as opposed to the significant body of studies conducted for private sector projects.

This article presents findings from an exploratory study aimed at identifying competencies of international development project managers and how these competencies are used in projects. A survey conducted with international development project managers in NGOs shows the very specific situation they have to deal with and the significant change in meaning for project management capacities, considering their very particular environment. Here, human competencies take a new meaning for people who manage projects with limited support, limited resources and a double client system, where they need to satisfy a client donor while respecting local populations whose needs are not always compatible with donors' vision.

To access this new resource, go to scroll down to “Industries serving basic human needs” and click on “Public Sector Programs and Projects”. Must be a registered member to access.

Posted by: Arif ud Din