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Does a Positive Workplace affect Project Performance?

University of Maryland professors refocus attention on the workplace to improve project management productivity and performance in PMI conference paper

21 August 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – The global workforce is stressed:  employees are disengaged; senior managers will be retiring in record numbers without obvious replacements available; morale is low; more than half of US workers are passive job seekers; turnover rates are high and turnover is expensive; managers are not effective; many projects represent significant risks of failure to their corporate sponsors.  Improving the performance of individuals and project teams depends upon a new and coherent approach to the workplace of the present and the future. 

These topics and others are addressed by Jocelyn S. Davis and John Cable in a paper originally presented at a PMI congress in 2012 and republished in the August edition of the PM World Journal. This paper introduces key concepts and research results on the power of engagement, strengths - focus, optimism, resilience, hope, positive emotions, and the key characteristics of high performance teams to yield real change in the workplace – change that will result in sustainable competitive advantage. The paper also outlines empirically validated methods to improve productivity, sales, profitability, employee and customer satisfaction while reducing safety incidents, theft losses, absenteeism, stress-related illness, and attrition rates.  

To read the paper, go to Jocelyn’s author showcase page at and click on the paper.  Must be a logged in library member to access!