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Electronic Healthcare Maturity Model (eHMM)

Access to important white paper on electronic maturity among healthcare providers added to PM World Library

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New Resource Provided by Alok Kaushik

15 April 2016 – Mumbai, India – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to projects and project management in Healthcare. The new resource is a white paper titled Electronic Healthcare Maturity Model written by Balaji Sharma, Head of Healthcare Practice and Quintegra Solutions. Quintegra Solutions is a multi-skilled software service provider based in Chennai, India.

The white paper differentiates between an electronically immature and an electronically mature healthcare organization. It then proposes a 7-level maturity model entitled Electronic Healthcare Maturity Model (eHMM) to exhibit the manner in which healthcare processes can reach maturity up to a national level. A maturity model shows improvement and transformation of a business over time and captures its capabilities at each intermediate level.

160406 - Kaushik - eHealthcare IMAGEQuintegra has developed the maturity model (called eHMM) incorporating all associated service providers in the healthcare process, adaptable to any provider at any level of maturity, and able to show different levels of maturity for different business processes.

The eHMM illustrates a transformation of the healthcare enterprise electronic process from an immature level to a national state. This is explained through entities, departments and infrastructure at a defined point in time. Each level has distinct characteristics that differentiate it from other levels. The base level “0” is assumed to be a level where no information technology exists and all processes are paper-based and “silo”ed.

The paper not only talks about areas that show progress with maturity levels but also covers explicitly and comprehensively the stakeholder benefits at the highest level of maturity (Level 7 – National Level). This white paper could be a useful resource for anyone in a project environment who wants to design a blueprint for progressive implementation of eHealthcare Systems and who wants to understand the benefits of mature electronic Hospital Information Systems.

To access this new resource, go to the “Industries and Organizations” section of the library at, click on “Healthcare, Hospitals and Medical Services”, then scroll down to resource. Must be a logged-in library member to access.