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Emotional Intelligence in Project Managers

Access to new resource related to Emotional Intelligence in Project Management added to PMWL



Resource provided by Maumita Patwary

6th April 2024 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Analysis of emotional intelligence in project managers: Scale development and validation. The new resource is titled “Analysis of emotional intelligence in project managers: Scale development and validation”, by Cian Camplisson and Kathryn Cormican and published in the Procedia Computer Science journal in 2019.

This paper explores the idea of emotional intelligence (EI) in relation to project management. It describes the significance of emotional intelligence (EI) in properly recognizing and managing emotions, which is thought to be necessary for project management success. A key focus of the article is the development of an assessment tool aimed at gauging EI levels specifically tailored for project managers. The four key domains that this tool focuses on are relationship management, social awareness, self-awareness, and self-management.

The researchers conducted a study to validate the effectiveness of this assessment tool. To verify the tool's applicability and relevance, experts in the field were consulted during the validation process. The study aimed to verify the validity of the tool through assessments of its face, content, and construct validity. The conclusions showed that there is a good chance the tool will advance the field of project management. Its potential is to help project managers improve their emotional intelligence (EI) competencies and benchmark themselves against accepted best practices. In the end, by providing concrete methods for enhancing emotional intelligence in project managers, the research hopes to close the gap between theoretical understanding and real-world applications in project management.

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