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FAC-P/PM Education and Certification Program

Access to U.S. Government’s Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers added to the PMWL

27 July 2017 – Washington, DC, USA – Access to a new public project management resource has been added to the PM World Library.  The resource is titled “Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)” from the U.S. Federal Acquisition Institute of the U.S. Government

The Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) program is for acquisition professionals in the Federal Government performing program and project management activities and functions. Program and Project Managers (P/PMs) are critical in developing accurate government requirements, defining measurable performance standards, and managing life-cycle activities to ensure that intended outcomes are achieved. The FAC-P/PM focuses on essential functional and technical competencies needed for P/PMs. It does not include agency-specific competencies. The purpose of this program is to establish general education, training, and experience requirements for those acquisition professionals. The FAC-P/PM applies to all executive agencies, except the Department of Defense (DoD).

The responsibilities and statutory authorities of the Federal Acquisition Institute are stated in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act in Title 41 of the United States Code (41 U.S.C.). According to the Act, FAI is located within the General Services Administration and receives policy direction from the Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), which is part of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

To access this resource, go to the Public P/PM Resources section of the PMWL at, click on “USA”, then on “U.S. National Government Agencies”, then on “General Services Administration”, then scroll down to title. Must be registered and logged-in as Free Trial, Professional or Scholar level member to access.