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Free library membership for residents of Ethiopia

Free full access to PM World Library available to residents of Ethiopia and other low income countries around the world

29 July 2017 – Dallas, TX, USA and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Residents of Ethiopia are offered free memberships in the PM World Library.  Residents of all low income countries, as listed in the World Bank’s listing of low and low middle income countries, can now gain free full access to the PM World Library (PMWL).  See the list of countries for Free Library Access at

According to PMWL Director David Pells, “We are offering free library access to those in many low income countries.  We previously announced free memberships for residents of several low income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America hoping to offer a new resource for project managers in countries under stress or in transition.  We are offering the same opportunity for residents of Ethiopia and many other countries.”

The PM World Library contains all original articles, papers and other works published in the PM World Journal since August 2012, along with profiles of all authors of those works.  The library also contains access to professional information, books, journals, websites, public information and many other resources related to projects and project management.  Access to several major EBSCO databases of business books and publications is also provided, which will be of interest to students and researchers in low income countries where access to those databases is either expensive or unavailable.  Visit to learn more.

“While we recognize that project managers and project management professionals are often some of the most educated and highest paid professionals in every country,” Pells continues, “we are committed to knowledge transfer worldwide and have established a policy of offering free memberships to residents of low income countries. We hope the library can provide a useful resource for those working on projects, teaching or learning project management, or growing the PM profession in those countries.”

Those working or living in Ethiopia can register for FREE ACCESS to the PMWL at  Follow the instructions for residents of low income countries.  If any problems are encountered, contact