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Hybrid Project Management – Between Traditional and Agile Software Development

Access to new resource related to Hybrid Project Management added to PMWL



Resource provided by Maumita Patwary


14th May 2024 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Hybrid Project Management. The new resource is titled “Hybrid Project Management between Traditional Software Development Lifecycle and Agile Based Product Development for Future Sustainability”, by Jayson Leong, Kiu May Yee,  Onalethata Baitsagi, Lingesvaran Palanisamy, and R. Kanesaraj Ramesamy and published in the journal “Sustainability” in January 2023.

The article explores the fusion of Agile methodologies with traditional software development lifecycles to improve project outcomes in the long run. It underscores the importance of assembling a capable team, comprising a project leader, skilled members, a team owner, an expert from a related field, and a tester, each playing a pivotal role in project success. The project leader's role involves striking a balance between flexibility and firmness to prevent process duplication and ensure efficient project management, while fostering trust among stakeholders and team members through transparent communication and mutual understanding.

Moreover, the article highlights the influence of organizational culture on project dynamics, advocating for consistent communication within hierarchies and across organizational boundaries. Agile principles encourage face-to-face interaction to facilitate seamless project management, emphasizing the significance of maintaining project agility through a straightforward information systems infrastructure. It suggests that while achieving and sustaining agility pose challenges, the success of Agile projects ultimately depends on the collective talent of the team and stakeholders' familiarity with Agile methodologies, necessitating thorough training sessions before project initiation.

To access this resource, go to the Basic PPM Processes and Topics section of the library at,click on “Hybrid Project Management: Agile, Waterfall, Mixed Approaches” and scroll down to find the resource. Users must be registered and logged in to access. If not yet registered, please consider the 30-Day FREE Trial Membership at

This new resource is made available through the PMWL university research internship program, to learn more, click here