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Influence of Cultural Diversity on Team Integration

New Resource in the Library

Author argues that cultural diversity is more useful and important than many organizations realize

10 November 2015 – Dallas, TX, USA and Dubai, UAE – “Influence of Cultural Diversity on Team Integration in Organizationsis a featured paper by Ramaz Issa in Dubai that was published in the November edition of the PM World Journal. It has been added to the PM World Library this month.

pmwj40-Nov2015-Issa-PHOTO 80xAccording to the Mr. Issa: “This paper argues the significance of cultural diversity in enhancing team integration within organizations in terms of creativity and innovation, organizational flexibility and group’s cohesiveness using a conceptual model built based on previous literature; it defines cultural diversity within the organizational culture… Furthermore, it studies some organizations’ assumptions that culture diversity doesn’t play an important aspect in business, taking into account other arguments which state that cultural diversity increases complexity, confusion, difficulty in communication and it has no effect on teams’ performance. Finally, it examines the influence of cultural diversity on group’s integration in construction organizations, by analyzing a selected team using the cultural diversity model from the findings of the literature review…”

To read this interesting paper, go to and click on the title. Access is free.