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Interview with Russell Archibald – Part I: The Early Years

2008 Interview with Russ Archibald added to the PM World Library

26 June 2019 – Dallas, TX, USA – A 2008 interview with Russ Archibald, PM Pioneer, originally published in PM World Today has been posted in the PM World Library.  Russ Archibald turned 95 in January 2019.  His 2008 interview revealed new and historically interesting information about the early days of the PM profession in the USA and worldwide. Russ just happened to be there and saw much of it happen.

The interview is in four parts, covering the following:

  • Part I: The Early Years
  • Part II: The Formation and Early Years of PMI
  • Part III: The Early Years of the PM Profession Outside of North America
  • Part IV: The Later Years: Consulting, Research and Thoughts on the Current State and Future of Project Management

From the 2008 Introduction: Russell Archibald, PhD (Hon), PMP, PMI Fellow, is a globally-recognized author, consultant and lecturer on project management.  With a career spanning more than 50 years, Russ has broad international experience in engineering, operations, program and project management. He has experienced three project management related careers: Management Consultant, Corporate Executive, and Military/Aerospace. In recent years, He has consulted to a wide variety of large and small organizations in many industries and in 12 countries on 4 continents. Russ Archibald is a Fellow and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) (member No. 6, one of the five original trustees), an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Project Management (APM/IPMA) in the UK, and is listed in Who's Who in the World.  In 2006 he received the PMI-College of Scheduling “Jim O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Russ is the author of 3 editions of the best-selling book, “Managing High- Technology Programs and Projects” (1976, 1992, and 2003, also published in Japanese, Italian, Italian, Russian and Chinese) and the co-author of “Network Based Management Information Systems (PERT/CPM)” (1967).  Russ has presented many papers over the years at PMI and International Project Management Association (IPMA) conferences in North America, South America, and Europe, and is widely published in periodicals on professional project management. He holds Bachelor of Science (University of Missouri) and Master of Science (University of Texas, Austin) degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  As a pioneer in the field, Russ received an honorary Ph.D. in strategy, program, and project management from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Lille (ESC-Lille) in Lille, France in August 2005.

According to the editor’s note in Part 4, “Russ Archibald is a founding member (#6) of PMI and one of the pioneers in the field of professional project management.  A recognized supporter and mentor for many professional leaders around the world of project management, Russ is well known throughout North and South America, Europe, Russia and elsewhere for his global knowledge, research, professionalism and personal warmth.  Part one of our interview with Russ dealt with the first part of Russ’ career as he witnessed and participated in the beginnings of the professional project management field. Part 2 of the interview focused on his participation in and knowledge about the formation and early years of the Project Management Institute and the PM profession in North America. Part 3 included Russ’ memories and knowledge of the early years of the PM profession outside of North America. Part 4 deals with Russ’ more recent research, observations about the current state of the project management world, and predictions for the future of this field.

To read this interview, visit Russ Archibald’s author showcase in the library at, scroll down to 2008 and click on the title.  Access is free, but you are encouraged to register.