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Key competences of public sector project managers

New Resource in the Library

Focus on public sector projects and project managers dealing with stakeholders in the public sectors

13 December 2015 – Milan, Italy – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to applications and industries, especially to industries serving basic human needs. The new resource is titled “Key competences of public sector project managers”. The paper was featured in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 119 (2014) 247 – 256.

Public organizations are characterized by distinctive features and consequently, projects involving a public agent are different from the others and they require tailored competences of public project managers. Projects in public sectors, involve several categories of stakeholders that can influence the success of a project. For example, political actors can interfere in the phases of the project’s process.

As the authors – Jałochaa B., Kraneb H. P., Ekambaramc A., and Prawelska-Skrzypek G. – explain, public sector project managers face team management challenges, such as “the inability to clearly link performance and reward, compensation systems that are biased towards longevity, the inability to select project team members based on their expertise.” This paper explores the topic and identifies the competences to develop and activate in public sector projects.

To access this new resource, go to, scroll down to “Industries serving basic human needs” and click on “Public Sector Programs and Projects”. Must be a registered member to access.

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