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Leadership and Intelligence – Lessons for Project Leaders

New article by Nigerian project management professional highlights importance of continuous learning for project leaders

22 November 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – According to Lucky Enajite Edjenekpo, CCP, PMP: “it has been argued that although the concept of intelligence quotient (or IQ) has been the most prominent measure of intelligence, its validity as well as those of general intelligence or aptitude substitutes have come into question in recent years. These tests ‘still wield a great deal of influence over our academic opportunities and those of our children’… However, ‘startling conclusions about the nature of intelligence – many of them at odds with old assumptions- have begun to emerge’ in recent times..” To read this article aimed at project leaders in the oil and gas sector, go to the author’s showcase page in the library at and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access!