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Measuring the “health” of your stakeholders

New advice from stakeholder management expert Lynda Bourne

14 August 2015 – New in the Library – Dr. Lynda Bourne, Managing Director of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd in Melbourne, offers more good advice in her August article titled “Measuring the ‘health’ of your stakeholders”. Her newest article in a series on the general theme of effective program/project stakeholder engagement was published in the August edition of the PM World Journal and has been added to the PM World Library.

According to Dr. Bourne in this new article: “Management involves dealing with change; stakeholder management is no different! Mapping and assessing your stakeholder community and implementing communication plans to maintain or change the attitudes of key stakeholders towards the ‘work’ is only the beginning of a successful stakeholder management strategy. Over time you need to measure the effectiveness of your communications, and make adjustments as needed, and also look for the emergence of unexpected changes in the stakeholder community.”

To read this useful article now in the PM world Library, go to the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free.