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Mismanagement leads to IT project failure

Energy IT project failing due to mismanagement and poor planning

24 November 2015 – Washington, DC, USA – A new item has been added to the PM World Library on Project Failures and Failing Projects. Access to another new resource has been added related to projects and project management failure in the United States of America.

151125 - Mitchell 3 - ImageWhile investigating claims of waste and mismanagement in the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) IT programs, the Energy Department inspector general discovered millions in under reported costs and significant cybersecurity weaknesses.

"The complaints alleged that EIA's Transformation Project — a major system development effort designed to enhance efficiencies within the agency — produced no significant results or benefits and resulted in wasted funds and resources," the report states. "In particular, we identified weaknesses related to IT project management, capital planning and investment control, cybersecurity and records management."

To access this new information, go to, click on “Failed Projects”, scroll down to USA and click on “IEA IT Transformation Project”. Must be a registered member and logged in to access.

Posted by: Gary Mitchell