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Nandipur Power Project: a failed project?

New Resources in the Library

AGP faults Nandipur design, decisions; Delayed decisions on foreign credit, interest accumulation cited for cost increase

19 November 2015 – Islamabad, Pakistan – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library in the Project Failures section related to projects and project management failure in and around Islamabad, India. Access to information about the Nandipur Power Project in Pakistan is provided.

151120 - Nandipur Dam 120xThe approved budget for this project was Rs58 billion in 2013 (approximately USD$550 million), the revised budget is sitting at Rs65Bn ($616 million) but costs are expected to grow. The confusion of the project whether it is a natural gas project or a furnace oil project, should the O&M be outsourced or internally done, amongst other decisions which have caused further delays and unnecessary additional costs.

Delayed decision-making has a detrimental effect on the outcomes of this project and many others like it. Without naming names, the auditor general of Pakistan (AGP) has now found faults with the design of the controversial project and the decision-making of its management, board of directors and the Ministry of Water and Power.

To access this project story, go to, click on “Failed Projects”, scroll down to Pakistan and click on “Nandipur Power Project”. Must be a registered member to access.

Posted by: Gary Mitchell