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Our Daughter’s Wedding

How resilience and project management helped save a very important personal project

pmwj43-Feb2016-Rao-PHOTO314 February 2016 – Dallas, TX, USA and Chennai, India – A fascinating new case study was published in the February edition of the PM World Journal and has now been added to the PM World Library. The paper titled “Our Daughter’s Wedding” is by Raju and Suhashini Rao in Chennai.

According to authors’ introduction, “This case study is based on a personal project - our daughters’ wedding. Since one of us was formally certified as a project management professional it was but natural that we ensured that all copybook processes of project management were deployed as part of the planning process. This included a WBS, scheduling where required, resource planning, risk management and procurement. In that sense, it was a well-planned project and one week before the wedding we were pretty relaxed. Little did we know what was in store for us! The wedding dates were on 6th and 7th Dec and heavy rains struck Chennai in India from 1st Dec and its disastrous effects continued till 8th Dec. In the midst of all that we had to conduct the wedding. It was done against all odds considering that many weddings during the period were postponed or even cancelled.”

To read this article, visit Raju Rao’s author showcase in the library at and click on the title. Access is free, but you are encouraged to register.