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Project Failed, Try it again

Most embarrassing IPO failure gets a redo, story added to PMWL

11 April 2016 – South Africa – A new resource has been added to the PM World library related to Project Failures.  The resource is titled “Project failed, try again”.

160411 - Mitchell - TRY AGAIN IMAGELocated in Kansas City, USA, Bats Global Markets attempted an IPO project in 2012 which could not have gone any worse. April 2016 the company is reviving the failed project with the hope of a better outcome.

“Almost exactly four years ago the electronic stock exchange tried to go public on its own platform. But an embarrassing technical glitch prevented the stock from trading. Ultimately, Bats was forced to kill its own IPO. The botched debut badly tarnished its reputation.”

“Even though the 2012 failed IPO was a black eye, Bats has rebounded financially thanks in part to its 2013 acquisition of rival Direct Edge. Today, Bats is the No. 2 exchange operator of U.S.-listed stocks by market share and the largest exchange operator of ETFs, according to its IPO filing.””

To access this new resource, go to, click on “Failed Projects”, scroll down to USA and click on “Project Failed, try again”. Must be a registered member to access.

Posted by Gary Mitchell