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Project Management Maturity in Kazakhstan

New Resource in the Library

Study reveals that organizations in Kazakhstan are moving up the PM maturity scale

22 November 2015 – Dallas, TX, USA and Almaty, Kazakhstan – “An Assessment of Project Management Maturity in Kazakhstanis a new featured paper by Timur Narbaev, PhD in Almaty. It was published in the November edition of the PM World Journal and added to the PM World Library this month.


According to the Professor Narbaev: “With the purpose of investigating a current PMM status in Kazakhstan and filling a local maturity research gap, this work provides an empirical study on assessing PMM in the country. To achieve this aim, the paper first reviews some prominent maturity models and selects one for this study. Then, a questionnaire survey is conducted involving 22 local project managers from different industries in the country which represent a sample for the study. Third, after statistical analysis of the data, the research results are provided split into three streams on: revealing respondents’ profile, discussing demand for project managers, and determining a PMM level in the country… Overall, with the mean maturity level of 2.42 out of 5, the results show that PM tools and methods have not yet been used effectively in Kazakhstan. The results also suggest that PMM in Kazakhstani organizations is gradually moving from Level 2 to Level 3…”

To read this interesting paper, go to and click on the title. Access is free.