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Project Successes & Failures: Conclusions and post-scripts

Final article in Alan Stretton’s six-part series on project successes and failures now available

10 May 2015 – The sixth article in Alan Stretton’s six-part series on Project Successes and Failures was published in May edition of the PM World Journal. Titled Summaries and post-scripts, his concluding article in which he summarizes main points from the series has been added to the PM World Library.

According to Alan’s introduction, “This is the final article of a series of six articles on project successes and failures… The first two articles, and the first half of the third, were primarily concerned with exploring deficiencies in data on project success / failure rates, both current and over longer terms, on causes of failure, and differences in criteria used for establishing success / failure… The latter half of the third article, and the fourth, were primarily concerned with the initiation phases of projects, and the need to get vastly increased involvement by project management in these phases (where this does not already occur), to ensure that the right projects are being done. The fifth articles extended such involvement even further back, into organizational strategic planning… This article summarises key findings from these articles, and adds some post-scripts on these findings, mainly relevant to the project management community at large.

To read this paper, go to Alan’s author showcase page in the PMWL at and click on the title. Free access, but must be a logged in library member to access after 10 June 2015.