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Solving Global Problems

New section added to PM World Library to provide information for project managers professionals who want to help the world

7 January 2018 – Dallas, London, Sydney – A new section has been added to the PM World Library to provide information for those in the PM profession to learn about and contribute to solving major global problems.  The new section can be found at the end of the PMWL contents on right side of the website.

Project managers and those in the programme and project management field are uniquely positioned to help solve major global problems, ranging from disaster response to reducing poverty and lack of healthcare.  We know how to plan, implement, manage and complete projects of all kinds, from simple to complex.  We create solutions, manage change, lead teams, create new value every day; why not contribute that knowledge and expertise to solving global problems?  This new section of the PM World Library is intended to provide information about and opportunities to participate in solutions.  It's January 2018 and we're just getting started.  But check out what we've added so far, then check back to learn more or get involved, either personally or through your organization.

To access this resource, go to Page currently contains the framework for future resources to be posted. Free access but must be a registered and logged-in to access.