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The challenges in implementing digital change

Access to new report about digital transformation programs from the UK’s National Audit Office added to PMWL

24 July 2021 – London, UK and Dallas, TX, USA – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to digital transformation programmes.  The resource titled “The challenges in implementing digital change” is a report issued this month by the National Audit Office (NAO) of the government of the United Kingdom.

This report sets out the lessons for the centre of government and departments to learn from the experience of implementing digital change. It sets out these lessons in six categories, which are essential to get right at the outset:

  • understanding aims, ambition and risk;
  • engaging commercial partners;
  • legacy systems and data;
  • capability;
  • delivery methods; and
  • funding mechanisms.

In pulling together these lessons, the NAO has reviewed previously published reports and interviewed senior digital leaders across government and the private sector. This report assesses good practice, following consultation with experts from industry, academia and think tanks to highlight the nature of the challenges and understand why government has found it hard to apply the lessons of experience.

According to the report, despite 25 years of government strategies and countless attempts to deliver digital business change successfully, the findings of this report show a consistent pattern of underperformance. This underperformance can often be the result of programmes not being sufficiently thought through before key decisions on technology solutions are made. This means that there is a gap between what government intends to achieve and what it delivers to citizens and service users, which wastes taxpayers’ money and delays improvements in public services. If government is to improve its track record in delivering digital business change, it must learn the hard-won lessons of experience and equip its leaders to act effectively.

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