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The Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects at the EIB

How projects financed by European Investment Bank are evaluated

04 January 2016 – Milan, Italy – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to projects and project management in the European Union. The new resource is titled “The Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects at the EIB”.

160105 - Gasparini - EIB logo2The document, published by the European Investment Bank, illustrates the procedure used by the Institution in the evaluation of projects that applied for its funds and technical assistance. It shows all the methodologies of the evaluation process – cost-benefit analysis (CBA), cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and multi-criteria analysis (MCA). The first is the preferred one, when relevant variables are accessible and they can be easily measured and monetized, CBA can be implemented for the evaluation. CEA is taken into consideration when the previous one cannot be conducted because of poor data and information. The multi-criteria analysis is suitable when neither CBA nor CEA are feasible.

To access this new resource, go to, scroll down and click on “Resources for Planning/Managing Major Projects/Programmes”, then on “The Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects at the EIB”. Must be registered and logged in to access.

Posted by: Giulia Gasparini