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The Queen City Hub redevelopment in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan for Strategic planning and improvement

24 October 2015 – Buffalo, USA – New resources have been added to the PM World Library related to Buffalo, New York, USA. This newest resource is titled “The Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo” and includes links to two volumes of program information, as follows:

Volume I - Overview: The Context for Decision Making

Millard Fillmore had referred to Buffalo as the “Queen City of the Great Lakes.” Buffalo serves as an epicenter for the surrounding region in terms of educational resources, economic opportunities, and famous food & theater districts. The Queen City Hub consists of a regional action plan for the downtown Buffalo area. Led by the Office of Strategic Planning in the City of Buffalo, along with support from the planning staff at Buffalo Place Inc., and faculty and staff of the Urban Design Project at the University at Buffalo. Volume I presents the vision statement along with key priorities for implementation related to both strategic investment areas and priority neighborhoods. Framing in key principles of how the overall vision will be achieved.

Volume II – The Work Plan

The text in Volume II is aimed directly towards the implementation program. Zoning, design guides, and management practices as work is conducted on the activity areas. Volume II is intended for citizens and professional who seek a more detailed look into the implementation process.

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To access these new resources, go to Major Projects & Programmes at , click on Urban Development and Redevelopment, scroll down to Queen City Hub in the United States. Must be logged in to access.

Posted by: Alexander Ehms