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Understanding and visualising your stakeholders

Stakeholder management expert Lynda Bourne helps project leaders and executives get the picture

20 June 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Dr. Lynda Bourne, Managing Director of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd in Melbourne, has authored another article about project stakeholders entitled “Understanding and visualising your stakeholders”. Her newest article in a series on the general theme of program/project stakeholder engagement was published in the June edition of the PM World Journal and has been added to the PM World Library.

According to Dr. Bourne in this new article: “Collecting data about your stakeholder community is one thing; making effective use of this data requires its transformation into information that can be used to support decision making and action. For most people this involves being able to ‘see’ the information in context… Stakeholder visualisation requires the mapping of complex data into a format that allows managers to ‘see their community’ and understand where stakeholder engagement activities will be most useful so they can direct their limited resources to achieve the best returns from the effort invested - there is never enough time or resources to fully manage every aspect of a stakeholder community. Unfortunately, in most situations a simplistic 2x2 matrix is not sufficient...”

140609 - PMWL Logo for NitL - 150To read this useful paper now in the PM world Library, go to the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free, but must be a logged-in library member to access after 10 July 2015.