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Vision for Change in Nigeria based on Lessons from South Korea

Nigerian project management expert outlines some suggestions for the country’s new president and leadership team

12 August 2015 – New in the Library – Now that new leaders have been elected in Nigeria, what next? Dr. Chima Okereke offers some suggestions based on well-established project management principles in his new paper titled “Vision for Change in Nigeria based on Lessons from South Korea.” This important new paper was published in the July edition of the PM World Journal and has been added to the PM World Library.

According to Chima’s introduction, “Change was a slogan used as an election winner in the 2015 Presidential Election. For changes to happen, there has to be an appropriate vision which will be translated by means of projects into the changed condition that has been envisaged. So far in the post-election Nigeria, some two months after the swearing in of President Buhari, no perceptible change is happening... This current environment of the absence of a statement of vision, a set of objectives and goals that should constitute the driving force for the achievement of the envisaged changes in the socio-economic environment has motivated the writing of this paper… Brilliant visions need the vehicle of projects to transform them into the welcome changes which are desired…”

140609 - PMWL Logo for NitL - 125To read this paper, go to and click on the title. Access is free.