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What management science methods are useful for project management?

New paper by Prof José Ramón San Cristóbal describes the major management science methods applicable for project management, what they do and when they are applied

13 October 2015 – PM World Library – “Management Science methods and methodologies for Project Management: What they model, how they model and why they model” is a new paper by Prof Cristóbal at the University of Cantabria in Spain. The paper was published in the October edition of the PM World Journal and added to the PM World Library this month.

According to the author’s introduction, “Nowadays there is an enormous variety of methods, techniques and methodologies within the broad field of Management Science, all having very diverse characteristics and stemming from various paradigms based on different philosophical assumptions, and, to a lesser or greater extent, drawing on particular bodies of theory. Whilst this plenitude can enhance practice, it also poses problems for project managers who often tend to restrict themselves to one paradigm or even one methodology. The aim of this paper is to assist project managers in understanding both the implicit and explicit assumptions underlying management methods and their principal aims and purposes. Thus, project managers will be able to make a choice as to which methodology is more appropriate for a particular situation.”

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To read this important paper, visit the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free.