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What stakeholder management should learn from sales and marketing

Gower author Jake Holloway suggests a more activist role to influence program and project stakeholders

18 October 2015 – Dallas, USA and London, UK – “What Stakeholder Management should learn from Sales and Marketing” is the title of a new article by Jake Holloway in the October edition of the PM World Journal. Jake Holloway is co-author of the book A Practical Guide to Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders” published by Gower in the UK. Jake’s article can now be found in the PM World Library.

According to Jake, “Technical capabilities aside, the difference between a good and a bad project manager often comes down to how effectively they manage the people that have influence over their project - or on its perception (i.e. stakeholders.) And to be clear about what I mean about ‘managing stakeholders’, it’s not simply about informing, engaging and involving them. It is about persuading and motivating them, handling their objections, forming and changing their opinions, getting them to influence others and even marginalising them if they are becoming obstructive. These outcomes, I will argue, need the discipline of Project Management to adopt some of the skills and processes from Sales and Marketing.”

Holloway-PHOTO 50xTo read this article, visit and click on the title. Access is free.