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Nitish Mohan




Nitish Mohan

PGPB 04, MISB Bocconi
Mumbai, India.


Nitish Mohan
is pursuing his Post Graduate degree in Business (PGPB) at Mumbai International School of Business Bocconi in Mumbai, India.  Nitish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and has completed 4 years of engineering studies in Computer Science. Nitish has 2 years of working experience as a Software Tester in Aon Hewitt, Noida, India. During those 2 years of professional experience Nitish held the titles of Calc Automation Specialist and Senior Calc Automation Specialist.

Major Field of Study in Masters: Marketing

Research interests: Marketing, Strategy, Project Management

PM World Internship Focus: PM World Library News, Profession, Books, Etc.

Nitish may be contacted at: pgpb04.20@misbbocconi.com

Start Date: February 2016                 Complete Date: December 2016


Research Results

161228 - Mohan - Potential PMC

161220 - Mohan - Rohini Project Management Consultants

161009 - Mohan - TULS Corp Project Management Company

161001 - Mohan - PMC Projects (India) Project Management Company

160929 - Mohan - nTirePMS - Project Management Software by Sunshine

160927 - Mohan - Frank Knight - A Project Management Services Company

160925 - Mohan - EMPCR - A Construction Project Management Consultancy and Research Company

160922 - Mohan - A N Prakash - A Construction Project Management Company

160722 - Mohan - ISS Project Management Company

160716 - Mohan - Masters Construction Project Management Company

160610 - Mohan - Celoxis Project Management Platform

160415 - Mohan - SGS Group - A Construction Project Management and Project Risk Management Company

160408 - Fluor India - Worlds Leading Project Management Company

160330 - Mohan - Product Dossier Touch Base-PPM

160328 - AVRUT Project Management and Schedule Management Platform

160324 - Mohan - Adapt-India Project management System