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Group memberships offer unlimited PREMIUM level access to ALL library contents for various numbers of simultaneous users. Designed for organizations, or one or more program and project teams working anywhere in the world, group membership options allow organizations to sponsor continuous learning for their project management leaders and project teams, at a low cost. Also appropriate for academic and corporate libraries.

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Note: membership pricing based on United States Dollar (1USD = 1$); Conversion to UK£ and Euros (€) shown in parentheses are approximate and occur on registration.

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Group Memberships are low cost options for:

Small Businesses or Departments - low cost access to thousands of industry and professional publications; create a learning organization; save subscription & membership costs; give your key people a benefit and a leg up - perfect for small P/PM consultancies and software companies

Corporations - outsource your corporate library at a fraction of the cost; save thousands of dollars; access industry & market information; cut executive subscription costs; create a culture of continuous learning & improvement; improve global competitiveness - perfect for project-based and project-oriented companies

Government Agencies - save money; increase organizational learning; gain low cost access to academic, industry and professional knowledge; learn from and compete with private industry for resources - perfect for government program offices

Program/Project Teams - foster a learning environment; promote continuous learning & improvement; access professional knowledge at low group rates; advance everyone's career while improving performance - perfect for promoting team collaboration and innovation

Program/Project Management Offices (PMOs) - get everyone on the same team; share knowledge promote innovation; add more value to the organization - perfect for mature PMOs of any size

Libraries - offer students and general public access to more international databases and global knowledge at very low cost; offer another source of international business, project and management data and information; support research and publishing - perfect for libraries in developing economies

Educators and Universities - offer students and teachers access to another source of global business information, for learning and research - perfect for training organizations, or project management departments at schools where EBSCO database is not currently offered, and for Alumni.

Reduce your subscription costs! Support continuous learning! Promote innovation! Invest in your most valuable resources - your people!



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CONTINUOUS LEARNING is crucial for those in the P/PM field, for professional knowledge, maturity and long term success.

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