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Rajamahender Rapelly




Rajamahender Rapelly

Mumbai International School of Business (MISB) Bocconi
Mumbai, India




Rajamahender Rapelly
is currently pursuing his Post Graduate Degree in Business at MISB Bocconi, India. Rajamahender holds a Bachelor’s of Technology degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and has 2.6 years of work experience in the field of Railway Signalling. During his professional experience, Rajamahender has coordinated with different clients assisting in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of Indian Railway projects.

Major Field of Study: Operations and Business Administration

Research interests: Project Management, Projects execution and control, PM in global and multi-national contexts, PM in Railway industry, Supply Chain and International logistics, Operations management.

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Rajamahender can be contacted at rapellym@gmail.com

Start date: January 2018              Completion date: March 2018

180104 - Rapelly joins PMWL Internship Program

180320 - Rajamahender Rapelly Completes Project Management Research Internship


Research results

180325 - Rapelly - LA County Metro Program Management Plan

180320 - Rapelly - Project Management Inspiration from the Trans-Siberian Railway

180316 - Rapelly - Namma Metro in Bangalore, India

180312 - Rapelly - Product Lifecycle Management for Railway Signalling Infrastructure

180308 - Rapelly - Supplier Selection in Railway Projects

180304 - Rapelly - American Public Transportation Association

180301 - Rapelly - Project Management at Etihad Rail

180227 - Rapelly - Systems Assurance Management in Railway Projects

180223 - Rapelly - Project Management Plan for Rocky Mountain Rail Authority

180216 - Rapelly - Hyderabad Metro Rail Project

180212 - Rapelly - Involving Stakeholders in Railway Projects

180209 - Rapelly - Innovative Project Management in Afghanistan Railway Project

180204 - Rapelly - Risk Mitigation Measures in Railway Projects

180126 - Rapelly - Ircon Construction Company for Indian Railways

180125 - Rapelly - Research Design and Standards Organization India

180124 - Rapelly - Rites Ltd Rail Consultancy

180120 - Rapelly - Delhi Metro Rail in India

180116 - Rapelly - Dedicated Freight Corridors Program in India