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Venkata Srikanth Varma Datla



Venkata Srikanth Varma Datla

Sapienza University

Rome, Italy




is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Sapienza University (The State University of Italy) in ROME, LAZIO, ITALY. Srikanth Varma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has completed a three year university level certification program in Computer Science. During a year of professional experience as a volunteer, Srikanth Varma has worked as a supervisor, organizer, and a volunteer manager.

Major Field of Study: Computer Science.

Research interests: Information Systems, Project Management

For information about Sapienza University of Rome, click here

Srikanth Varma may be contacted at datla.1741895@studenti.uniroma1.it

Start Date: May 2017           Completion Date: July 2018

180721 - Sapienza University Graduate Student Completes PM Research Internship


Research Results

180716 - Datla - Formal Specifications in Design of a Human-Computer Interface

180711 - Datla - Human Computer Interaction & Usability Methodology for Marketing Websites

180615 - Datla - Human-System Interaction Container Paradigm

180610 - Datla - Using Research Methods in Human Computer Interaction to Design Technology for Resilience

180417 - Datla - The Role Of Human-Computer Interaction in Management Information Systems

180406 - Datla - HCI & Usability in the New Participative Methodology for Marketing Websites

180326 - Datla - Integrating Human-Computer Interaction Development into SDLC

180314 - Datla - An Assessment Of Human–Computer Interaction Research

180211 - Datla - ICT in the Hospitality Industry - The Italian Case

180125 - Datla - Culture and International Marketing Mix Decisions

180118 - Datla - International Marketing Research Global Project Management Perspective

180115 - Datla - The Mobile Revolution Is Here

171220 - Datla - Growth Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises

171127 - Datla - Disruptive Innovation & Information Technology - Charting a Path

170714 - Datla - Current Project Management Practices in IS IT Industries

170615 - Datla - Understanding Project management Practice