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Why we must charge Registration Fees

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The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in the field of program and project management (P/PM), including portfolio management.  The PMWL also provides a means for staying abreast of changes in the profession, breaking news and general intelligence about the changing conditions affecting projects, programs and project oriented organizations around the world.  Learn about new books, new concepts, new research and other information to advance your career, help your team be more successful and strengthen your organization.

The PMWL provides access to a rich repository of contemporary material on project, programme and portfolio management.  It also provides access to a wide range of news, commentary and perspectives on developments around the world of professional project management.

Why we must charge Registration Fees

Why Not Free Access?

We understand that a great deal of program and project management information is available on the worldwide web for free.  However, the information and services provided in the PMWL require time, effort and resources to produce and maintain.  The funds must come from somewhere.  The primary reasons we must charge fees are mentioned below.

Library Production & Administration Require Resources

The PMWL has taken more than one year to develop, at a cost of thousands of US dollars.  While much of the content is created by authors and correspondents, other information has required research and production.  The simple process of posting, cataloging and collating resources in the PMWL takes time, effort and expertise.  Maintenance also requires daily action.  Adding additional information and services over coming months will require more time, effort and resources.   We want to provide useful content, which requires some expertise and care.

Value Creation Requires Knowledge & Effort

The PMWL contains information and resources of value to professionals and organizations involved with planning, implementing and managing programs and projects, across all industries and geographic locations.  This is not necessarily easy to provide, and takes time and knowledge.  The search functions on the PM World Collection page allow readers to fine tune their access to works in the PMWL to best serve their needs.  The news feeds, access to public resources, knowledge about new books and new developments all add value.  We believe this effort is worth something.

No Pop ups or Irritating Advertising

We will not have pop-up or automated banner ads. .  We will offer banner ads for professional bodies, conferences and publishers, which are more appropriate for libraries and for our subscribers.  Banner ads for other commercial entities will be limited.  Income from advertising will be severely restricted.

Fees are Low and Reasonable

At an average cost of 1GBP (British pound – about US$1.60 – about the cost of a cup of coffee) per month, we think the basic access fee is more than reasonable.  This will provide access to all content that we create.  Higher level fees will be associated with accessing resources that we must pay others for, for example eBooks, paid-access journals, databases, information services, etc.

We will offer FREE access to some

As a policy, we will offer FREE registrations to the following:

  • Authors of works contained in the PMWL
  • Students (undergraduate and post graduate) at accredited universities
  • Residents of low income countries, according to World Bank ranking
  • Hardships – unemployed, retired, disasters, etc.
  • Correspondents for the PM World Journal

We depend on the Honor System during registration, so please be honest about your status and residency.  That said, all FREE registrations are subject to verification.  Click here for more information about FREE access.

Help create this global resource for P/PM learning

Help create the world’s most global P/PM library.  Support our mission to create a global resource for continuous learning in the P/PM field, to support the creation and sharing of new P/PM knowledge, for recognizing those who create that new knowledge, and for promoting the application of modern, professional P/PM for solving more of the world’s problems.  Please register as a PMWL reader.

Contribute to the creation and expansion of the global P/PM body of knowledge. Publish an article or paper in the PM World Journal; gain free access to the PMWL as an author.  For more information, contact editor@pmworldjournal.net  or visit www.pmworldjournal.net.