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Conceptual Basics and Mechanism of Innovation Project Management – an article published in 2017 by European Research Studies Journal (authors: Kamil Bibarsov, Galina Khokholova and Dilara Okladnikova) contributes to the better understanding of basic conceptual provisions and mechanisms of managing innovation projects. To read paper, click here.  (Aliakbarova)

Digital innovation management: reinventing innovation management research in a digital world – published in January 2017 in MIS Quarterly, article by Satish Nambisan, Kalle Lyytinen, Ann Majchrzak and Michael Song provides new theoretical concepts and insights in innovation management. To download the article, go to: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306254446_Digital_Innovation_Management_Reinventing_Innovation_Management_Research_in_a_Digital_World  (Aliakbarova)

Disruptive Innovation & Information Technology ~ Charting A Path (2013) – Paper by Abayomi Baiyere & Hannu Salmela provides information on Disruptive Innovation and its current practices in Information Systems and Technology Industries. The authors sets topical questions and calls are made for further studies to position the relevance of IT/IS to the maturing discussion of Disruptive Innovation. Originally published by Research Gate, read paper at: Disruptive Innovation & Information Technology ~ Charting A Path (Varma)



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