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Milan Choudhury




Milan Choudhury

SDA Bocconi Asia Center
Mumbai, India





Milan Choudhury is currently pursuing his International Master in Business degree at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai, India for the academic year 2019-2021. He holds a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from Nagpur University (India), where he studied from 2010-2014, and a Masters degree in Bioprocess Technology (M.Tech BPT) from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India, where he studied from 2014-2016.

From 2016 to 2018 Milan worked as a Research Analyst for USV Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. He was involved in multiple projects for various drug substances and drug products that included drug profiling, analytical method development and validation, meeting US FDA standards. He has also briefly worked in Content Marketing, both as a full-time content writer as well as a freelancer.

Major Field of Study: Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, Biotechnology, Pharmacy

Research interests: Agile Project Management, project management of public projects in India, resource management, Innovation and Project Management, quality management

PM World Internship Focus: Business Improvement and Project management, Marketing and Project management,  Strategic Planning and Management.

To see Mr. choudhury’s detailed CV, click here.

For information about the International Master in Business program offered by SDA Bocconi Asia Center, please follow the link to https://www.sdabocconiasiacenter.com/international-master-in-business

Milan can be contacted at milan.choudhury@sdabocconiasiacenter.com or milan.ch95@gmail.com

Start date: December 2019           


191223 - Milan Choudhury joins PMWL research team in Mumbai

201113 - Milan Choudhury completes PMWL Research Internship


Research results:

201112 - Choudhury - The Integration of Project Management and Organizational Change Management

201109 - Choudhury - Micromanagement: A Project Management Tool in Crisis

201106 - Choudhury - Project Management Maturity Across Industries

201104 - Choudhury - Entrepreneurship Education & Project Management

201103 - Choudhury - Contribution of quality management tools and practices to project management performance

201102 - Choudhury - Beach Clean Ups Aided by Project Management

201101 - Choudhury - Project Management’s Contribution to the Efficiency of Energy Enterprises

200825 - Choudhury - Project Management in International Marketing Research

200703 - Choudhury - A Convergence Between Project Marketing & Project Management

200613 - Choudhury - The Importance of Project Branding

200519 - Choudhury - Role of Project Management in the Advertising Industry

200323 - Choudhury - The Essential Role of Benefits Management Methodology

200204 - Choudhury - Collaboration and Sustainable Project Management in Infrastructure Maintenance Projects

200112- Choudhury - Relationship Between Project Risk, PM Tools and Project Success

200101 - Choudhury - Marketing for the Project: Project Marketing by the Contractor

191224 - Choudhury - Food Security Considerations Amidst Better Water Utilization