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Artificial Intelligence and the conduct of literature reviews

Access to new resource related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Project Management added to PMWL



Resource provided by Balzhan Khamitova

21 June 2022 – Almaty, Kazakhstan – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The new resource titled “Artificial intelligence and the conduct of literature reviews” is a paper by Garit Wagner, Roman Lukyanenko and Guy Pare published in the Journal of Information Technology in June 2022.

The main purpose of this work was to familiarize researchers with recent trends in Artificial Intelligence. The authors outline how AI can expedite individual steps of the literature review process. Considering that the use of AI in this context is in an early stage of development, authors propose a comprehensive research agenda for AI-based literature reviews (AILRs).

The first step of a literature review requires authors to identify and clarify the research questions and central concepts or theories. In the next step, authors construct the literature sample by applying different search methods, including database searches, table of content scans, citation searches and complementary searches. In the third step, or in other words “screening for inclusion”, authors work with the search results to dissociate the relevant papers.

The quality assessment step is intended to access the degree of which the conclusions of reviews aimed at theory testing may be affected by different types of biases. Data extraction step (#5) requires researchers to identify relevant elements of qualitative and quantitative data and to transfer them to a structured coding sheet. The final step, data analysis and interpretation, can take various forms, depending on the type of review.

In this work authors explored how literature reviews can benefit from AI-support, summarizing the current state-of-research and sketching opportunities for future research, design, and action. This paper will be of interest to project management students and researchers conducting literature searches.

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This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here